Abbotsford House

Construction cost £5.5M

Conservation and internal alteration of a Grade A listed building.

This included:

  • Fabric repairs to the stonework, windows, doors and roof.
  • Four chimney stacks were removed and rebuilt.
  • Every window in the building was overhauled by our own joinery team.
  • Specialist historic glaziers carried out glass repairs insitu.
  • Roof repairs.
  • Historic cast iron roof lights were removed and overhauled with existing glass.
  • Internal works included extensive underpinning within the basement to provide a foundation to existing walls.
  • A new service trench was dug throughout the basement to house all M & E services to distribution points.
  • A massive exercise to lift floors was undertaken to install a completely new mechanical and electrical system.
  • New roofs to the outbuildings.
  • New hard & soft landscaping, upgrading of underground drainage & incoming services. 

Now completed the building is used for new 5 star holiday let accommodation, public access to historic apartments, Abbotsford Trust administration offices and creation of a caretakers flat.